Senior Vice President, Director of National Tolls
Atkins N.A.

Fran serves as Atkins’ national director of highway tolling programs. Throughout his 30 year career, Fran has overseen Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) programs and customer service center (CSC) operations for tolling agencies around the country. He has enjoyed particular success in forming and leading interoperability projects, such as between the North Carolina Toll Authority (NCTA) and Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise (FTE); between NCTA and E-Pass; and FTE with the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA). He also has extensive experience in all electronic tolling (AET) systems and toll operations. Mr. O’Connor has worked closely with toll agencies nationwide to develop, deliver, and manage large-scale tolling programs. He spent a significant portion of his career at the NJTA, where he ultimately served as deputy director of ETC. Mr. O’Connor earned a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey, graduating summa cum laude.

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