Director, Tolling & Customer Information Services
Transportation Corridor Agencies

Rick Carrier is a toll systems professional at TTI Consulting with over 14 years of experience in toll systems design, integration and analysis. Rick is currently filling in as Acting Chief Toll Operations Officer at the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA). Rick’s previous experience includes oversight of the All-Electronic Toll system installation at TCA, upgrade and integration projects of existing toll facilities at the seven Bay Area Transportation Authority bridges, South Bay Expressway and I-15 Managed Lanes in San Diego, AutoExpresso in Puerto Rico, Maine Turnpike, Peace Bridge in Buffalo NY, and the Chesapeake Expressway in Virginia. Rick also participated in green field toll systems installations at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the A25 Bridge in Montreal. Prior to joining the toll industry, Rick served 20 years in the United States Marine Corps safeguarding freedom and democracy throughout the world.

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