Software Development Manager
Kapsch TrafficCom

Raymon Lange is an experienced Software Manager with more than 8 years in the tolling industry. His background in development and architecture for both real-time embedded systems as well as graphical user interfaces has contributed to Schneider Electric’s Electronic Tolling Solutions deployed for multiple customers across the United States and internationally. Mr. Lange has led development efforts for various transportation authorities including Washington State Department of Transportation, Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Metropolitan Transportation Authority and New Hampshire Department of Transportation. His team is responsible for the integration and operations of all software elements within the Schneider Electric Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), including hardware integration to support the client agencies’ preferred communications and tag protocols. His experience with IAG, 6c, and ATA is extensive, including integration assessments prior to design, unit lab and field testing, tuning and calibration of deployed equipment and performance audit of operational assets. Mr. Lange’s experience with implementations of a variety of differing protocols and ensuring end-to-end accountability for all system events affords Schneider Electric a unique perspective on the future of interoperability.

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