Recent Doctoral Graduate

I worked for municipal parks and recreation agencies for 7 years as a recreation programmer for indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, community center manager, as well as a recreation director. A crucial responsibility of my positions was building effective social relationships with the constituents, public and private organizations, and other stakeholders. I was involved in partnerships and collaborations during this time to provide recreation opportunities and education for healthy living. I used these experiences as a springboard for my dissertation, in which I explored the meaning and value of social relationships for health and well-being in the context of a community center. I have presented at the NRPA, as well as the North Carolina Parks and Recreation Conference, SERR, and NERR, and have given presentations of master plan's and feasibility studies to stakeholders. I also have experience public speaking as a college instructor and have taught classes specifically on community health as well as social capital. To assist in my development of public speaking skills, I was once a member of Toastmaster's International

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