Founder/Exercise Specialist
TEEM Performance Training, LLC

Derek holds a bachelors of science degree in Kinesiology from Penn State University and a masters of science degree in Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University (MA). Since 2003, he has had stints working in several gyms, working with the New England Patriots, starting a small indoor and outdoor health, fitness, and athletics business in 2009, and is passionate about pursuing the intricacies of the industry. Derek loves the outdoors, church, playing ice hockey, biking, working out, long runs on the beach, and spending time with his family.

The content that Derek will speak on is a result of graduate work he did at Bridgewater State on parks and playgrounds in Cambridge, MA. Derek coupled this effort with his love of exercise and health promotion. He has since added more parks and playgrounds for assessment.

Derek is humbled to be able to speak at the NRPA 2015 Conference. His topic covers a few semesters of graduate work that he completed at Bridgewater State. In addition to everything, he also works for the Cambridge Public Health Department.

Session Participation