Keynote: When Having Too Many Experts on a Board Backfires -- András Tilcsik

Monday, March 4
8:30 AM–9:15 AM

Location: Grand Ballroom

Days: Monday, March 4

Diversity of thought on a board of directors is shown by research to improve organizational resilience, lead to more creative problem solving, and avoid a host of pitfalls. In this keynote session, András Tilcsik -- who joins AGRiP following his success at the Fall Educational Forum in Portland -- is going to talk about research published in the Academy of Management Journal on how a governing body rich with domain experts can be compromised in three important manners: Through cognitive entrenchment, overconfidence, and task conflict. Tilcsik will provide insight into his important research, share what it means for public entity pools, and provide practical tips for how to avoid failure through flexible, diverse thinking and disagreement.