Seminar 36: Presentation 2: Energy Efficient Residential Hydronic System Design

Monday, January 14
11:20 AM–11:40 AM

Location: GWCC, 3rd Floor, Building B, B313b

Days: Monday, 14 January
Session Type: Seminar
Location: GWCC, Building B, B313b

Energy Efficient Residential Hydronic System Design
Presenting Author: Stan Kutin, Xylem Bell & Gossett, Morton Grove, IL, USA

This is part 2 of a two-part seminar to provide attendees with tools and tips on how to combine a ground-source heat pump with hydronics for achieving the ultimate comfort levels. This presentation takes a systems approach for designing the load side of a ground-source heat pump system. Combining sound piping strategies, proper air management, and latest pump technology with simple design and control approaches can improve overall system efficiencies.

Learning Objectives:
• Describe a variety of hydronic system piping and pumping design alternatives used to meet varying building loads.
• Explain the function of each component in a hydronic air management system and how it relates to system performance and pressurization.

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