Seminar 2: Presentation 2: Step Two: Installation of BTES system at MCLB Albany

Sunday, January 13
8:20 AM–8:40 AM

Location: GWCC, 3rd Floor, Building A, A301

Days: Sunday, 13 January
Session Type: Seminar
Location: GWCC, Building A, A301

Step Two: Installation of BTES system at MCLB Albany
Presenting Author: Chuck Hammock, P.E., Andrews, Hammock & Powel, Inc., Macon, GA, USA

The installation of a BTES system for Building 3700 at MCLB Albany has been completed and operational for over two years. It includes the 306 borehole BTES system serving B3700’s new heat-recovery water-to-water geothermal heat pumps. The system was completed for NAVFAC and it became operational a couple of years ago. As records report, it reduced the buildings HVAC energy consumption by almost 50% per year, eliminated 4.5M gallons of cooling tower make up water (via the use of new dry-cooler for winter and diurnal “cold capture” (heat rejection), eliminated all on-site emissions and significantly improved the Base’s Energy Security and Resiliency (the BTES’s underground nature made it impervious to the $88M worth of damage that MCLB endured the winter of 2017 when a tornado struck MCLB with major destruction).

Learning Objectives:
• ...understand what differentiates a Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) system from a "conventional" Groundloop Heat Exchanger (GHX) serving a Geothermal Heat Pump (GHP) system.
• ...understand the potential energy and water savings associated with a BTES system.

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