Seminar 61: Building Data Exchange Formats: Sharing Building Data with Ease

Wednesday, January 16
8:00 AM–9:30 AM

Location: GWCC, 3rd Floor, Building B, B313b

Days: Wednesday, 16 January
Program Level: Intermediate
Session Type: Seminar
Program Track: Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of High Performance Systems
Location: GWCC, Building B, B313b

Collecting and exchanging building data is become more and more necessary since the digitization of the design and operation of buildings. In addition, several jurisdictions are now requiring mandatory benchmarking, energy auditing, and specific ratings (bEQ, LEED, Energy Star, etc.) to be performed on buildings. These jurisdictions are forcing the exchange of a large amount of detailed building data such as building characteristics (e.g. building geometry, areas, building types, HVAC system definition) as well as building performance data. This seminar discusses existing formats used for building energy data exchange such as gbXML, HPXML, and BuildingSync.

Jim Kelsey, P.E.

Technical Committee:
7.6 Building Energy Performance



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