DE Training Academy 2B | "Hire" Success: Recruiting Students with Disabilities at Colleges & Universities

Tuesday, April 24
9:00 AM–10:00 AM

Location: Metropole Room

Hashtag: #DEAM18

Session Topic: Recruitment
Session Type: DE Training Academy
Days: Tuesday, 24 April

About This Session
All students find themselves at a crossroads upon graduation as they transition from academia into their field of choice. Students with disabilities often hit additional challenges due to lack of resources and outlets of employment—a fact many campus recruiters don't realize. For employers to have higher rate of success when recruiting students with disabilities, you need to have a different strategy in place. Join Sheridan Walker of HirePotential as she shares the current landscape for students with disabilities, the three key on-campus interaction points, multiple methods for reaching students with disabilities, and finally, steps to marketing and engaging students from this valuable talent pool.