Concurrent 8A | Brick by Brick: Setting Up the Organizational Masonry

Thursday, April 26
9:00 AM–10:00 AM

Location: Spanish Ballroom

Hashtag: #DEAM18

Session Topic: Recruitment
Session Type: Concurrent A; Concurrent (all)
Days: Thursday, 26 April

About This Session
As with anything, you need a solid framework to thrive and be successful, and HR departments know this fact to be all too true. During this session, Greg Koepel of Roehl Transport will share the impact that an organization's culture has on internal and external stakeholders and how they can ensure the culture properly defines the organization and supports the mission. Attendees will learn the importance of how to connect and align organizational values with individual values and discover how these values must be brought to life through behavior to achieve results. Finally, attendees will take away a practical framework for building their organization's culture into what they want it to be to support the mission and help team members ultimately thrive.