General 8 | A Disability Inclusion “Intervention”: What You Need to Know to Move the Inclusion Needle Forward

Thursday, April 26
10:30 AM–11:30 AM

Location: Spanish Ballroom

Hashtag: #DEAM18

Session Topic: OFCCP Compliance
Session Type: General Session
Days: Thursday, 26 April

About This Session
As humans, all of us struggle with what is the right thing to say and/or how to be considerate when interacting with an individual with a disability.  In today’s general session, the on-stage presenters from National Organization on Disability (NOD), Job Accommodation Network (JAN) and C5 Consulting will collaborate with DE Disability Partners and Subject Matter Experts to take a deep dive into experiential learning through scenarios and group discourse designed to offer unique conference experiences and valuable resource “takeaways.”

This General Session will begin by equipping the audience with the fundamentals in disability etiquette of language and behavior. These basics will be used to address some common situations in table conversations that are being faced by the business community. The major topics that will be addressed include:

• Accommodations
• Self-Identification
• Situational Etiquette
• Accessibility

Common, everyday scenarios will be applied to each of these topics in facilitated conversations led by subject matter experts. Starbucks cards will be awarded to those that engage in the conversation.

Objectives/Learning Themes:

• Demystifying common myths
• Learn situational language and etiquette basics
• Understand why individuals with disabilities do not self-identify and how to create the business case to increase self-identification percentages
• Define and discuss reasonable accommodations
• Define and discuss all aspects of accessibility—physical and digital