Concurrent 4B | From Entry to Application: Talent Attraction Through Creative, Visual Content

Wednesday, April 25
11:30 AM–12:30 PM

Location: Metropole Room

Hashtag: #DEAM18

Session Topic: Recruitment
Session Type: Concurrent B; Concurrent (all)
Days: Wednesday, 25 April

About This Session
Let’s say you are the job seeker…what is going to attract you to a company? Basic HTML with a few graphics, or a highly visual page that makes you feel as if you are already an employee of that team? We’re guessing you chose the latter option. You, like the rest of job seekers around the world, responded positively to the visual stimulation—and that’s not opinion, that’s basic science. From graphics to faces and color tones, people remember visually so it’s important to make an impact with your career site from the get-go. Join Mohawk’s Leeza Byers and DirectEmployers’ Drew Palmer, as they discuss how to attract talent through visual, creative content, why preparation is key to a successful shoot, how interaction leads to more engagement and finally, how innovative recruiting tools can set your brand apart.