Concurrent 2A | Artificial Intelligence Powering the Future of Work

Tuesday, April 24
2:00 PM–3:00 PM

Location: Spanish Ballroom

Hashtag: #DEAM18

Session Topic: OFCCP Compliance; Sourcing
Session Type: Concurrent A; Concurrent (all)
Days: Tuesday, 24 April

Recruiting with AI: Pitfalls & Promises has been replaced:

Artificial Intelligence Powering the Future of Work

AI is at the forefront of technological changes across industries, with HR transforming to attract, retain, and find talent to keep companies competitive amidst job transformations. In this talk, HiredScore's CEO & Founder, Athena Karp, will present how leading global Fortune 500 companies are leveraging AI to transform how they hire. Unlike other industries, the early shift of Recruiting to the cloud and compliance/regulatory requirements make available hundreds of millions of data points for algorithms to learn and support filling critical jobs more quickly, improving the quality of hire, giving respect back to candidates, diversifying your workforce, and hiring for the future, including gig and project-based workforces.