***UK Film Premiere***: Expo67: Mission Impossible (2017), preceded by L'Homme multiplié (1969)

Wednesday, November 1
7:30 PM–9:30 PM

Location: Institute of Light

Speaker/performer: Guylaine Maroist

Days: Wednesday, 1 November
Film: Expo67 film; Modern film

Georges Dufaux & Claude Godbout, L’Homme mulitiplié (15 min.)

Followed by / suivi par

Guylaine Maroist, M. Barbeau & E. Ruel, Expo67: Mission Impossible (68 min.)

This documentary, by Guylaine Maroist, Michel Barbeau and Eric Ruel, invites us to relive the incredible adventure of the men behind Man and His World. Over time, tongues have loosened and the full story can now emerge, just like Notre-Dame Island out of the waters of the St. Lawrence. Thanks to unprecedented access to over 80,000 archival documents, along with uncensored accounts by the movers and shakers behind this success story, filmmakers Guylaine Maroist, Michel Barbeau and Eric Ruel invite us to relive the white-knuckle countdown to the grand opening on April 28, 1967. We finally recognize the exceptional contribution of the makers of Expo 67, namely Chief of Advertising Yves Jasmin, and businessman Philippe de Gaspé Beaubien.

“A veeeeeery good documentary.”  — Stéphanie Tremblay, Radio-Canada Québec

“Fabulous documentary.” — Richard Therrien, Le Soleil

“This is the first time in my life that I attend a screening where people applaud every 5 minutes. Superb! Expo 67 Mission Impossible! A must see!” — Geneviève Borne

“Expo 67 Mission Impossible is an absolute must see.” — Josée Legault, Journal de Montréal

“A fantastic documentary.” Stéphane Garneau, Radio-Canada

“This documentary on Expo 67 is a pure masterpiece! Bravissimo!!!” Gilbert Rozon