18 - OSI: New Orleans City Park: Recovery from Hurricane Katrina

Thursday, September 28
9:00 AM–1:00 PM

Location: Off-Site

Days: Thursday, 28 September
Session Type: Off-Site Institute

Learn a brief history of the state’s most visited regional park with an emphasis on the watershed events which have shaped the park.  They will hear and see about the the almost total annihilation which the park experienced during Hurricane Katrina.  Participants will hear about the parks’ four point recovery program, its experience with volunteers and a wide variety of donors from individuals to corporations to philanthropic organizations.  Particular attention will be paid to show how the park raised over $100 million dollars from the public and private sector to rebuild the park and how it secured its first ever public operating funds.  Participants will have a chance to tour the 1300 hundred acre park and look at examples of the projects which make up its recovery as well as facilities not yet recovered.  Lessons learned will also be shared with the attendees.

CEU Credits: 0.3