377 - Use Program Evaluation Data to Increase Your Park Foundations’ Fundraising Goals

Thursday, September 28
1:30 PM–3:45 PM

Location: Room 217

Days: Thursday, 28 September
Track: Advocacy
NRPA Three Pillars: Conservation
Session Type: Education Session

Many park and recreation agencies still do not conduct program evaluations, or conduct them poorly. This session will discuss strategies to connect impactful programs to the fundraising function of nonprofit park foundations. Integrating program-evaluation results into park-foundation fundraising can enhance relationship building and resource development. This session will feature Five Rivers MetroParks and will focus on program-evaluation planning using logic modeling to turn data into dollars!

CEU Credits: 0.2

Learning Outcomes:
Explain the purpose of a logic model in program development
List the six components of a logic model
Construct a fundraising case expression using social media that expresses positive program evaluation results