145 - Universal Design in a Park and Zoological Setting

Tuesday, September 26
2:35 PM–3:50 PM

Location: Room 223

Days: Tuesday, 26 September
NRPA Three Pillars: Social Equity
Track: Planning, Design, and Maintenance
Session Type: Education Session

While access has increased under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it had been recognized that accessibility still does not meet the needs of many people with disabilities. In this session, we will review how the ADA does not meet the needs of many people, but how universal design provides better access and is more inclusive. A case study of the use of universal design in Forest Glen Park and Brookfield Zoo with specific examples will help participants understand how to increase access in their facilities.

CEU Credits: 0.1

Learning Outcomes:
Participants with understand the difference between accessibility codes and Universal Design
Participants will learn the 7 Principles of Universal Design
Participants will learn 5 specific examples of how to increase accessibility through Universal Design at their parks and facilities.