323 - RUN! They're Talking About Cost Recovery Again

Thursday, September 28
9:45 AM–12:00 PM

Location: Room RO3

Days: Thursday, 28 September
NRPA Three Pillars: Social Equity
Track: Leadership & Management
Session Type: Education Session

What goes on in your mind when you hear the phrase “cost recovery?” Is it excitement, agony, bewilderment or simply a never-ending feeling that you would rather have someone poke your eyes out with a blunt stick than mention the words “cost” and “recovery” in the same sentence again. Fear no more! This session is here to save the day and relieve your cost-recovery pains and anxiety. It will be OK. Really.

CEU Credits: 0.2

Learning Outcomes:
Discuss and analyze why cost recovery has become a part of our everyday language and nomenclature in public parks and recreation.
Evaluate why it is that a significant number of cost recovery efforts lack substance and overall effectiveness.
Participate in exercise and activity specific to effective cost recovery strategies (case studies).