399 - Leadership Development: Understanding Leadership Across Generations

Thursday, September 28
3:15 PM–4:30 PM

Location: Room 210

Days: Thursday, 28 September
NRPA Three Pillars: Social Equity
Track: Leadership & Management
Session Type: Education Session

"Understanding Leadership Across Generations" is a training session designed to equip participants with the tools they need to create and revive a healthy multi-generational work place. During the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to lead, analyze and create healthy multigenerational work places.

CEU Credits: 0.1

Learning Outcomes:
Demonstrate techniques on how to engage with peers, subordinates and managers in a healthy Multigenerational work place.
Utilize and apply strategies to assist with leading /assisting and creating a multi-generational work place.
Analyze and discuss the generational differences and hot points to move recreational teams through projects, programs and special events.