374 - Know Before You Fly...Managing and Using Drones in Parks

Thursday, September 28
1:30 PM–2:45 PM

Location: Room 208

Days: Thursday, 28 September
NRPA Three Pillars: Social Equity
Track: Leadership & Management
Session Type: Education Session

The use of drones as a hobby, recreational experience, workplace tool and competition is increasing significantly. Public land operators are being asked to manage the safe use and operation of drones in parks while balancing the enjoyment, privacy and safety of other user groups. This session explores the legal implications, benefits and detriments of allowing drone use; effective ways to manage and enforce such use without disruption to other park users; and how drones can assist in park operations.

CEU Credits: 0.1

Learning Outcomes:
Learn regulatory and managing protocol involved with drone use on public lands and guidelines to develop to effectively manage use.
Learn different types of drones and the potential uses. Also, strategies and approaches to implement to ensure safe and legal operations with mixed uses within parks.
Explore potential uses of drones by public organizations for park, playground and field maintenance, design, marketing and risk and event management.