168 - Drownings in Pools with Lifeguards on Duty: Why Submerged Victims Go Unnoticed

Tuesday, September 26
4:10 PM–5:25 PM

Location: Room 224

Days: Tuesday, 26 September
Track: Aquatics
Session Type: Education Session

The public perceives lifeguards as the premier safety strategy at aquatic facilities. Lifeguards are expected to recognize and respond to patrons in distress before injury occurs. But, according to a 2011 CDC report, lifeguards failed to do so several hundred times between 2000 and 2008. This session will provide scientific data that shows how lifeguards are unknowingly positioned where drowning victims cannot be seen, and will offer solutions that will save lives.

CEU Credits: 0.1

Learning Outcomes:
Demonstrate limitations of current lifeguard positioning strategies.
Apply scientific data to improve safety at aquatic facilities.
Analyze options to optimize positioning of lifeguards.