160 - Access and Inclusion in Parks & Recreation

Tuesday, September 26
4:10 PM–5:25 PM

Location: Room 210

Days: Tuesday, 26 September
Track: Advocacy
NRPA Three Pillars: Social Equity
Session Type: Education Session

Despite the benefits of park services, some communities struggle to gain access to these services. Following the social equity pillar, practitioners have worked toward ensuring access, yet progress has sometimes resulted in unexpected challenges (e.g., drop off in participation, crime). This interactive session will explore access issues with the goal of developing collaborative strategies that may help agencies, practitioners and academics rethink leisure provision.

CEU Credits: 0.1

Learning Outcomes:
1.Participants will be able to design practical strategies that may help agencies, practitioners, and academics address issues of access and inclusion.
2.Participants will be able to evaluate factors that constrain agencies, practitioners, and academics from fully engaging in efforts on equity related issues in park and recreation settings.
3.Participants will be able to develop strategies to tackle the unintended impacts of increasing access and inclusion in park and recreation settings.