Workshop 7A | The Most Important Factor in Developing Job Groups: Size Does Matter

Thursday, May 11
10:30 AM–11:30 AM

Location: Grand Hall Ballroom

Hashtag: #DEAM17

Session Topic: OFCCP Compliance
Session Type: Workshops (all); Workshop A
Days: Thursday, 11 May

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As OFCCP has converted itself from an “Affirmative Action agency” proselytizing proactive solutions to diversity in the workplace to a non-discrimination prosecutor, the thinking about the size and breadth of job groups has changed. Join Candee Chambers and John C. Fox as they discuss the new thinking now driving the development of job groups, the foundation upon which all affirmative action plans for minorities and women are built. They will weigh and balance various technical solutions available to government contractors in an interactive dialogue with all participants.