Client Panel Discussion

Tuesday, March 7
9:25 AM–9:50 AM

Location: Embassy Ballroom

Distinguished panelists: Ruchi Varshneya, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing at Abbott Diabetes; Jennifer Soller, Group Manager, Marketing Science, Genentech; Graham Hurrell, Head of Research, Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Care

Moderator: Bill Salokar, SKIM

Topics for discussion will include:

1.  Current state of integration in your organization.  What is working and what needs to improve.

2.  How do you hire, train and enable the right people?  What is the manager's role?

3.  How do business questions get addressed so that a fully integrated approach can be employed?

4.  What tools do you currently use to assist you with integration? What tools do you not have that you wished you had available?

5.  Where is pharma in integration relative to our counterparts in other industries?

6.  What role can your external partners play, if any, to help you with integration?