General 8 | Keynote Address: Graham Shaw | If you think you can’t draw – think again!

Wednesday, May 10
11:40 AM–12:30 PM

Location: Grand Hall Ballroom

Hashtag: #DEAM17

Session Type: General Session; Keynote Address
Days: Wednesday, 10 May

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If you think you can’t draw – think again!
The amazing results of challenging our limiting beliefs

Why do so many people think they can’t draw? Where does this belief come from? This mindset is often so strongly fixed that people are convinced it must be true. In this lively and interactive session Graham will demonstrate that in fact, we can all draw. Through the medium of drawing he will show how our limiting beliefs hide our true talents from us. He will demonstrate that, as we think beyond our limiting paradigms, we unlock so much potential in all areas of our lives. Prepare to be amazed as you tap into talents you may never have known you had!