Workshop 2C | Quiet Strength: Finding the Hidden Talent in Your Group

Tuesday, May 9
4:30 PM–5:30 PM

Location: Illinois Street Ballroom East

Hashtag: #DEAM17

Session Topic: Recruitment Marketing
Session Type: Workshops (all); Workshop C
Days: Tuesday, 9 May

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About This Session
It’s easy to designate the top performing talent in your organization, but it’s equally as important to identify the hidden strengths that exist within your current, more introverted team members. As a self-proclaimed “introvert whisperer”, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran will discuss behaviors of introverts and where those behaviors run counter to extroverted “ideals.” She’ll walk you through analyzing the five common workplace challenges introverts experience and share adaptive strategies leaders can utilize to optimize the contributions introverts make to your team.