Workshop 2B | Breaking the Bias: Workplace Impact & Ways to Reduce Biased Decisions

Tuesday, May 9
4:30 PM–5:30 PM

Location: Illinois Street Ballroom West

Hashtag: #DEAM17

Session Topic: OFCCP Compliance
Session Type: Workshops (all); Workshop B
Days: Tuesday, 9 May

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About This Session
Setting a tone for having an inclusive workplace that doesn’t tolerate disrespectful behavior can have a direct impact on reducing costs associated with discrimination–both intentional and unintentional. During this session, Julia will share how to articulate a business case for diversity and prevent discriminatory practices from happening in your workplace. By learning how to differentiate between racism, colorism, stereotypes and unconscious bias, you’ll be able to gain an awareness of areas where biases are occurring, as well as how these biases may be impacting employment decisions, and discover techniques to reduce the likelihood of making biased decisions.