Eliminating Health Disparities [184]

Wednesday, October 5
3:00 PM–4:15 PM

Location: Room 127

Event Type: Education and Research

We once believed that disparities in health were only caused by limited coverage and lack of access to health care. Today, we know better. Many of the strongest predictors of health—the determinants of health—are social, economic, and environmental factors. The conditions in which we live are partially responsible for why some Americans are healthier than others. Do you smoke or drink? Do you live where there is clean and safe water and air? Do you have access to a safe, quality park or green space? A number of disparities exist today. Neighborhoods with higher minority populations have lower acreage of park space. Parks in lower-income neighborhoods are also more likely to be poorly maintained and offer fewer services. All Americans deserve equal access to park and recreation opportunities, but how do we close the gap? This session will explore promising strategies implemented by park and recreation leaders and advocates to reduce disparities in their underserved communities.

CEUs: 0.10