A New Experience Currency for a Changing Economy: How Share of Experience is Growing Delta Air Lines and Other Brands

Thursday, May 19
3:45 PM–4:30 PM

Location: Grand Salon 15 - 18

Days: Thursday, 19 May
Education: Session

If you're looking for the hottest new perspective in market research, it's ‘in-the-moment’ metrics. This new approach is a game-changer, shifting the traditional emphasis from “share of voice” to “share of experience.”

MESH, The Experience Agency, together with Delta Air Lines, has used real-time experience tracking methods to collect ten years of ‘in-the-moment’ data. This experience-driven data can now be used to develop new marketing approaches to grow brands with tremendous results. “Share of experience” correlates not only with key KPIs, but also with sales.

Come see how the quality of experiences as well as the quantity can help to optimize brand strategy and media planning.

Come see the future of marketing as this new perspective continues to change everything we know.