Customer Journey Planning as a Competitive Advantage

Thursday, May 19
11:15 AM–12:00 PM

Location: Grand Salon 3 - 6

Days: Thursday, 19 May

Journey Planning is bigger than simply mapping a customer's journey. Increasingly, companies are learning that they can do more than just react to the journeys that customers devise for themselves; instead, brands have a role in shaping their customers' paths to engagement.

Companies and brands now have the opportunity to lead, rather than follow, by constructing customer journeys that provide value to both the customer and the brand.

These marketers are increasingly managing journeys just as they would any product and are learning that, by providing customers value in this way, customers stay engaged. More and more brands understand that the journey itself is increasingly central to the customer's experience — even as important as the products themselves — in providing competitive advantage.

In this presentation, Drexler will detail how big data plus qualitative research can be used together to first define, and then construct, customer journeys.