KEYNOTE: Inside the Minds of Millennials and...Plurals

Thursday, May 19
8:30 AM–9:30 AM

Location: Grand Ballroom D

Days: Thursday, 19 May
Education: Keynote

Takeaways: If Millennials (and Plurals) have media and consumption behaviors that are profoundly different from predecessor generations (as this speaker just might), should the way we research them also be different? Discuss!

Derek Thompson, a Millennial himself, explores the consumer behavior of his generation and the next, shedding light on what kinds of ads they pay attention to, what manner of media they consume, and the sort of messages they accept and reject, revealing what drives them.

This behavior includes the decline of the suburbs and the rise of urban centers; the "sharing economy" of Airbnb, Uber and Lyft; these generations' integration with smartphones and preference to communicate via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Twitter; and how our global economy has made essentials such as food and clothes more affordable than ever.

What should researchers be doing to effectively target these slippery demographics?

As a Senior Editor at The Atlantic magazine, Thompson has used quantitative analysis and hard economic data to yield valid and intriguing insights, revealing facts to get in front of these informed, technology-driven, and highly-connected majorities.

A specialist not only in consumer psychology, but also in the economics underlying their behavior, Thompson is funny, penetrating, and critical, but also optimistic about opportunities for the world to become a more fulfilling place for humans to live and work. He delivers fresh perspectives that often contradict the conventional zeitgeist of the day.

For his keynote at ISC, he'll discuss advertising, markets, and the psychology not only of Millennials, but also of Plurals, the newest digital natives.