Workshop 3A | Total OFCCP Compliance: Mitigating Risk and Avoiding Violations

Thursday, May 19
4:00 PM–5:00 PM

Location: Grand Hall Ballroom

Session Topic: OFCCP Compliance
Session Type: Workshop (All); Workshop A

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About This Session

As many have found, doing business with the government can be very lucrative, but with that influx of income comes a vastly intricate and complex set of regulations that impact your day-to-day business operations. Take the necessary steps to ensure your business is in compliance with federal contractor obligations by knowing what’s expected of you and what measures you need to have in place to avoid costly violations. Join former OFCCP Deputy Regional Director Joyce Morgan as she discusses:
• Understanding compliance expectations–including affirmative action plans and other regulatory requirements
• Avoiding financial exposure
• Documenting compliance actions
• The importance of monitoring employment practices, the mechanics thereof, and drawing/documenting conclusions/results