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Slasherteck is an Australian company that was founded to provide tailored solutions to the Roadside maintenance industry. The traditional method of the roadside trimming of grass and vegetation comprises of a secondary process of either; high-labour expensive manual trimming around posts or the constant application of harsh chemical sprays that effect surrounding flora and fauna and need to be reapplied multiple times a year.

Slasherteck’s approach combines the trimming of the grass and vegetation around the post in the same process as cutting along the roadside. The company’s flagship machines are premium slasher units that have the added capability of being able to clear the vegetation around posts.

Our complete package solution products on will be on display at the conference and we believe they will be a game changer in roadside maintenance. Slasherteck is also pioneering an “industry first” Operations and Asset management system that accumulates equitable data on-the-go and provides real-time works as executed feedback to head office.

With further innovations in WHS, slashing technology and much needed operations and asset management, we hope to see you at the conference!

Winner of the Institute of Public Works Engineers Australasia (IPWEA) CIVINEX innovation award 2015.

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