How Parks Create Healthy Communities

Park and recreation agencies are increasingly challenged to produce solutions to solve new problems and meet new challenges that come from a rapidly changing world. Demographic, social, technological, and economic changes are forcing park and recreation agencies to adapt quickly and embrace change at a pace for which they may not be well-prepared. 

The Innovation Labs are a new approach to bringing together some of the sharpest minds both in and outside the field of parks and recreation to explore how innovative thinking can meet emerging challenges, reduce costs, and better serve the public.

The first Innovation Lab will be held March 12-13 in Miami, Florida at the Mayfair Hotel and at sites throughout the city to highlight how parks and recreation agencies can impact public health. NRPA will leverage the Miami-Dade County’s Department of Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) regional and health planning experience to help other agency leaders innovate in their communities.  

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • How can Park and Rec play a role in regional/community planning?  
  • What specific policies can help P&R agencies be a player in the public health discussion?  
  • What health based partnerships generate the most bang for the buck for P&R agencies, and how do I build them? 

Dress Code:

Thursday – Business Casual

Friday – Casual/Athletic Attire


Friday – Following lunch, busses will be dropping attendees off at the Mayfair 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. If you need to make other arrangements to accommodate your flight home please contact Kevin O'Hara at