All Oglebay activities are free of charge to participants with the exception of rental equipment. Your ID/name badge, which you will receive with your registration material, will serve as your activity admission pass and your “meal ticket” to all social and meal functions.

Dress Code

The dress code for the entire week, with the exception of Thursday’s banquet, which is business dress, is casual. During January the weather can be very cold and blustery, so dressing warmly is advisable. All meeting rooms have individual HVAC units that will be pre-set for the week, with a 4 degree range, from 70 to 74 degrees. Depending on individual preferences, you may wish to dress in “layers” for your personal maximum classroom comfort.

Class Attendance

You are expected to attend all class sessions and scheduled activities. Attendance is taken at all sessions.


NRPA will award CEU’s to all students.


You, as attendees, represent professionals in the industry and are qualified to offer constructive criticism of the topics, their contents, presentations and value to the school. To encourage that, you will be asked to complete an evaluation questionnaire. The evaluation is a useful tool, used by the Instructors, to determine any changes that may be required in the future.

No Smoking Policy

Wilson Lodge is a non-smoking facility.

Room Hosts

Room hosts have been assigned to each session. They serve as your liaison representatives with the Instructors. They will assist you in a number of ways that will make your experience at Oglebay more meaningful. Don’t hesitate to approach them in reference to any matters or concerns.

Resource Room

During the entire week, a resource room will be available with literature and information. Students are encouraged to bring along any information or materials that they want to share with other participants. If you would like to ship the materials in advance please send to Oglebay Resort, 465 Lodge Drive, Wheeling, WV 26003
Attn: Event School.

Oglebay Location

Oglebay is a unique 1700-resort located in the beautiful foothills of the Allegheny Mountains at an elevation of 1200 feet. Wilson Lodge offers fine dining, indoor pool, Jacuzzi, Spa, Fitness Center, shopping and more. If you desire to leave the property, taxis are available, but many students choose to rent cars for “off” night activities. Please visit our website at

Leaving Oglebay

Friday is a travel day and there are no scheduled events.


Phone: 304-243-4000 Fax: 304-243-4070
The Oglebay National Training Office is CLOSED during the operation of the School.
Please inform your employer & employees to contact WILSON LODGE in order to reach you