Whether you are a student or an adviser, you have a vested interest in this weekend and the valuable leadership experience it offers. Here are some tips, expectations, and advice to guide you through the conference and make LEAD a worthwhile adventure!

  How can you make the most of your conference experience?

  •  Get involved—Be an active participant in all sessions and activities.
  •  Pay attention—Give your attention to the speakers, presenters, and peers who have ideas to share with you.
  •  Ask questions—Clarify ideas, find out more details, and connect with other attendees.
  •  Split up—Ensure your delegation attends different workshops to glean as much knowledge as possible.
  •  Take notes—Write down at least three new ideas you want to try and implement at your school.
  •  Share with others—Discuss the great things happening at your school, including your activities, projects, and ideas.
  •  Bring takeaways home—Return with ideas, handouts, apps, and more.


What is expected of the delegates?

Student council and Honor Society leaders are expected to use the LEAD conference as an opportunity to put their reputations and character on display as role models of the councils, chapters, schools, and states they are representing.

  • Attend all sessions—A program full of skill- and knowledge-building sessions has been planned for both advisers and students to offer lots of new ideas and provide networking opportunities.
  • Be on time—99.9 percent of the LEAD Conference sessions begin on time. It is proper conference etiquette for attendees to be seated prior to published start times for sessions and workshops. To avoid being late for a session, be sure to allow yourself some extra time to go from the guest rooms to meeting room floors.

  • Wear your name tag—It is important to wear name tags to all conference functions. Your name tag identifies you as a registered delegate and validates your eligibility to participate in all conference sessions and meals.

 *For personal safety and security of identity, we recommend that delegates DO NOT wear name tags outside of the hotel when going for excursions or meals.

  • Use mobile devices responsibly—Mobile devices should be used in constructive and respective ways that do not disrupt or distract from the speakers or workshop presentations. When not taking notes or photos of session activities or speakers, please leave phones in your pocket or bag. At all times, mobile devices should be muted and alerts set on silent or vibrate. 


Be respectful to all.

  • Respect other guests in the hotel—be aware that room doors may slam shut and should be closed gently!
  • Respect the conference hotel property and hotel staff.
  • Respect the conference environment and clean up as you leave a meeting room.