Audience Levels
Sessions can be filtered by audience level in the schedule of this app. Levels are defined below.

Novice: Beginner level with basic understanding of school nursing concepts and knowledge.
Advanced: Moderate to expert level understanding of school nursing concepts and knowledge.
Administrative: Coordinator, manager or director level of understanding of school nursing concepts and knowledge.

Conference Tracks
Sessions can be filtered by conference track in the schedule of this app. Tracks follow the key principles in the Framework for 21st Century School Nursing PracticeTMLearn more about the Framework on the NASN website

Seating in general, breakout and workshop sessions is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Attendees do not have to select sessions in advance or inform NASN of the selections. This practice allows all attendees an equal opportunity to attend preferred sessions. Please note that seating is limited to the capacity of the meeting room and capacity varies for each session. Please arrive early to assure a seat. Room capacity for each session will be listed in the schedule. Seating at preconference events is reserved through the purchase of tickets for preconference events.

Tickets are required for admittance to preconference and other noted events. Please refer to the event description for specific ticket requirements.

Attendees can access materials in the conference mobile app or on the conference website at Attendees who purchased the spiral bound syllabus will receive the syllabus when they pick up materials at the Conference Materials Pick-up Desk. A limited number may be available onsite to purchase. NOTE: The syllabus includes abstracts and handouts for each session provided by speakers. NASN makes every effort to collect speaker
handouts and will share all that are received.

To evaluate sessions, go to the conference website at and select the evaluation link. Complete evaluations within 3 months of conference.

Mobile Devices
NASN encourages attendees to bring a cellular telephone or other mobile device in order to access the conference mobile app where session handouts can be found, participate in online discussions and social media. Please be sure to turn ringers off as a courtesy to speakers and others.