United States Military Academy
West Point, NY
The 85th Symposium will be held on 19-22 June 2017 in West Point, New York at the United States Military Academy. This year’s sessions will be conducted at the classified and unclassified clearance level with FOUO options. Corresponding portions of the Symposium are open to U.S. Citizens with or without a clearance and cleared “Five EYES” (FVEY) participants with some restrictions. The keynote for this years symposium will be Lt. Gen. Anthony R. Ierardi, Director, Force Structure, Resource and Assessment, J8. To view all important information regarding the upcoming event, please visit us here: http://www.mors.org/Portals/23/Docs/Events/2017/85th%20MORSS/85th-program-guide.pdf?ver=2017-06-09-094937-490. Take advantage of this unique opportunity at the 85th Symposium to present your work and get valuable feedback from your colleagues across the National Security community.