NASN2015 is THE ONE event school nurses can attend that feels like coming home. Everyone around you will understand your stories, your challenges, and your accomplishments as the primary health professional caring for a school community. You'll be surrounded by peers who "speak your language." The educational sessions apply to your school nurse role and provide validation about your contributions. The take away is confidence in knowing YOU make a difference, and new connections and information that builds on your experience. Through attending NASN2015, school nurses will be able to: - Develop and apply leadership and advocacy skills to improve collaborative partnerships at the local, state and national level to lead the transformation of school health. - Identify opportunities to promote health and prevent disease for self, students and school community. - Implement strategies in the management of chronic, acute and complex health conditions in the school setting that keep students healthy, safe and ready to learn. - Summarize and apply the current research and evidence-based indicators for school nursing practice.